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Thank you for coming to my homepage!

I want to announce that I have passed the courses and have been certified by the same organization that provides continuing education credits to the medical field as a
Glyco Nutritional Wellness Consultant
you can learn more at

And more scince articals and a sugar that is all health

As you can see I had to take all the health proof I had on this site due to the FDA and the Tex attorney general! I can on a one on one send you the link to these sites if you call or send and e-mail withe send as the subject. And Please sighn this petition for better healt care all around and send your friends to sighn it too we all need to help

And yet This web site still contains information that can change you and your loved ones lives.

This is the reason why this site is so important

Wellness and perhaps your future starts here.
I think this video will set the tone

There are only two reasons for sickness !. Bad Nutrition and 2. Toxins that are in the air and water and all drugs even over the counter with more added daily from our friends at the FDA

Did you know that cooked foods over 118 degres will rob 80 percent of nutrition, and sprouts have more nutrition than when grown as an example broccoli sprouts not only will hunt down cancer cells in your body they will also clean your DNA

I thisis a great Health site Mike Adams of News Target

iAlso check this out Gary Null (Which I highly recomend)

Do a Google search for "cocnout health" and blow your mind

"The Great disease / profit con

You see, here's how the con works: the food companies make you sick, nutritionally deficient, and diseased. Then the Pharmaceutical giants convince you to take $500 / month in pills for the rest of your life to mask the symptoms of disease caused by the food you bought in the first place. And then some pharmaceutical gians launch vitamin companies (or buy existing ones) and sell you crap vitamins loaded with antifreeze chemicals (I'm not kidding), hydrogenated oils, coal-tar, artificial colors, and other chemical toxins just to make sure you never really get well from taking those cheap vitamins." Please look at This is a very important video on the food out there Dr Baylock

The Modernization Disease Syndrome

The CAUSE of your chronic health problems –
The Modernization Disease Syndrome – is not
something that just happened TO you, either
by accident or by genetics. Instead, it emerged
FROM you – from the diet and lifestyle choices
made by you and your parents since World
War II. Changing your lifestyle will have an
impact on your health and the health of your

Uncover why leading experts are worried about the future of people's wellness and how a newly recognized, yet rapidly emerging toxin called electropollution may be silently accelerating the aging process, dangerously increasing stress levels, preventing essential nutrients from entering the body's cells, as well as keeping damaging toxins from exiting them. The answer is at this site


more info on cell phone danger This is proff

More info. on the dangers of cell phones

Cell Phones Can Increase Cancer Risk 5 Times in Children and Teenagers

Investigators Warn Parents To Take Precautions

A Swedish study has found that children and teenagers who use cell phones are 5 times more likely to develop a type of cancer called acoustic neuromas.

The researchers also found that people who did not use cell phones until they were in their 20s, were only twice as likely to develop acoustic neuromas. Acoustic neuromas can lead to deafness.

The lead investigator of the study, Professor Lennart Hardell of the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden warned that people should be taking precautions. He believes that children 12 years or younger should only use cell phones in emergency situations and teenagers should use hands-free phones or headsets.

SEPT-21-08: Cell phones raise children's cancer risks [UPI: CHILDHOOD CANCER FROM CELLPHONES ]


Please take your time and study all the Wellness sites on the right and the Videos on the bottom for this is the information you need for your wellness.

My goal is to inspire and bring hope to those with health challenges, and help you to improve your life.

My wife and I are living in our dream home with our Yacht in the back yard off Tampa Bay FL. Besides sailing as much as I can, I am also a home brewer and an avid reader in that I have studied nutrition and herbs since my Father became ill in the 70”s The most important thing that I have found in my studies I am sharing with you on this web site.

since I have been using these real food supplements that were in your grandparents diets and now only in Mothers breast milk, and in these supplements. That is why I want to share what I have discovered with the world and I do need your help to do it. So study the pages on the right for the information that really can change your life and lead you to your dreams and enjoy the videos I have added and will be addin


I am hopeful all your question and doubt will be answered by using this site, and all the hot links. If not please do not hesitate in contacting me or the person who sent you here.

. Did you know that in 1953 two peaches would give the average person all the vitamin C, E & A needed in 2000 it took over 50 peaches to get the same amount, with that in mind even the AMA says you must supplement, As I mentioned above drop me a line and I will send you to where you can get these products that will make miricles in you health.
Please take the time to look at the "Must read" pages, I added  them to answer your questions about the cause of most sickness if you want to stay healthy pay attention to these pages. I also want you to please read "The China Study"  the largest nutrition study ever made and for your health this is a must read as well. As the Townsend letter for Dr ‘s and Patents reviewed this book the title was "Death by Food"
You can buy the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or perhaps your local book store but do read it for your loved ones sake and share with your friends please.

Glyconutrients Hits the news

If you are aware of something that is currently not in your life that you would like to have and are willing to do something in order to achieve that goal, this might be the vehicle to reach your dreams, and a way to work from home and help change health care. Then these two links are for you. In the 8 Hidden values you will get more on working for yourself, and in the Opportunity link go ahead and register to get to your own info page of the business and products, as well as a way to join me. There is no sharing of your information and it is very secure.
If you are thinking of joining me or already have this is very important. Free Ebook also I do recomend Renegade Marketing

For more on the opportunity

Thank you for visiting my home page. I do hope you will bookmark this so you can take your time and enjoy the information here at your leisure, and do check on this site often as I will be adding more wellness information continually.
I also invite you to contact me, or the person who sent you here, if you have any questions or want to try the products. The FDA will not let us put the link where you can try the supplements since it is run by the phanaceutical or sickness industry so you will have to get back with me or the person who sent you here. My contact information is on the left.

Want real food check this out


If you know of anyone with Diabetis then this video is for them. Remeber that type 2 used to be called Sugar Diabitis and any thing white (bread rice ets.) is treated as sugar by your body, thus that there is so much in our nation now.

watch video

Video Description

30 Days RAW

Six McDonalds-munching Americans eat 100% vegan live foods for a month. Medical results are fantastic. Doctors , experts, and raw foodists are interviewed including Gabriel Cousens, MD, David Wolfe, and Woody Harrelson. This is a trailer for the feature film, now in post-production.

Alkaline water and Diabetis

Speaking about fast food burgers no just at Mcdonalds

Bionic Hamburger video


THESE Sites for your health
Death by Medicine
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2007 TJ Allen